Retail store will be open limited hours on Saturdays only beginning in April.

Livestock Processing

Livestock Processing Services

USDA Inspected and Custom Exempt

We provide Livestock Processing Services for farmers of all sizes. Cattle, pigs, sheep, goat, and bison. For more details on services visit » Processing Services & FAQs
To schedule your livestock, call us at Tel. (270) 563-4048
We do not accept online scheduling or email requests for livestock slaughter. We need to speak with you directly to ensure you are getting the services best suited for you.

Processing Forms

ALL cattle must be accompanied by the Beef Age Affidavit upon delivery for slaughter.

*Our Retail Market Physical Storefront will re-open tentatively in April*
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Farm Gate to Dinner Plate: Butcher & Farmer Collide

On our farm, Split Creek Farm in south central Kentucky, our cattle are raised on pasture without the use of growth hormones, or subtherapeutic antibiotics. We finish them on grass, forages and legumes harvested from our farm, and a mix of grains to ensure excellent taste every time. We don't stop there. We take that a few steps further. Actually, we take it straight to you. Our own cattle take a short stroll across the pasture to reach the processing facility. We’re also generation butchers, fifth and counting to be exact. Our Head Butcherman Extraordinaire comes from a long line of butchers... 

Hours of Operation

Our on-farm USDA inspected slaughter and meat processing plant.

Retail Storefront Hours


Livestock Slaughter & Processing

7 Days Per Week
Appointment Only

Call 270-563-4048 to Schedule

Wholesale Meat Processing

Monday - Thursday

Pickup Hours: 10am-4pm

Closed To All Walk-Ins
Fri • Sat • Sun • Mon • Tues

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