Game Processing

Deer, Elk, and Game Processing for south central Kentucky near Bowling Green and Glasgow in Warren and Barren County.

Additional Services

$20 Cape - PICK UP NEXT DAY!
No charge for rack or head only.

$15 Partial Field Dress

$40 Full Dress Approval ONLY5
$10-20 Xtra Cleaning Chrg
  • Caped before it arrives
  • Gut shot contamination
  • Improper field dressing
Skinned deer subject to refusal or assessed a $30 cleaning charge.

Ground Add-Ins

Beef Fat Added: $ 2 per head
Pork Added: $ 3 lb
Beef Added: $ 4 lb

Payment Methods


Deer Receiving Hours

Bow & Muzzleloader

Tel. (270) 563-4048

Modern Gun Season


Where To Find Us

Eastern Warren County
Near Barren County Line
5180 Hydro Pondsville Road
Smiths Grove KY 42171
In between Bowling Green & Glasgow, just north of Scottsville and just south of Smiths Grove city


Kentucky Hunting Seasons 2012-2013
Hunter Harvest Log
Kentucky Fish & Wildlife Hunting and Trapping Guide
Kentucky Hunters For The Hungry
Kentucky Proud Meat Processing

All deer must have a valid Telecheck confirmation number.
No exceptions. Please obtain before arriving.
800-CHK-GAME (245-4263)
Deer should be field dressed in the field.

Deer processing services at John
We've provided game & deer processing in Kentucky for more than thirty years. We take great care in all of our processing. You will get back the deer you brought in. So take care in handling the meat before you bring it in to us.

We reserve the right to refuse any deer, elk, or other game that has not been properly handled.
Please check your deer in before arriving to us. We require a valid confirmation number. No deer will be accepted w/o a confirmation. No exceptions. We prefer the deer to arrive skin-on & field dressed. Skin protects your meat from the elements and potential environmental contaminants.

Deer Processing Rates

$100 Per Head | Basic Standard Processing

John reserves the right to adjust rate (+ or -) based on size.

This includes all basics; skin, clean, cut, grind, wrap, freeze, box. Additional products & services are available. Each has their own fee and are additional to basic processing charge. Basic processing includes all standard muscle cuts...steaks, roasts, burger, etc.

Specialty Deer Products

Specialty deer products are available. These are billed in addition to the standard $100 per head basic processing. Specialty items will not be ready for pickup when your fresh meat cuts are ready. You will need to come back for them.


Ready To Eat Specialty Venison Products

Summer Sausage

Full size rolls.  Cured and Smoked.  Ready to eat.

Smoked and Cured Venison Summer Sausage made from your deer.
All prices are per roll
  • $8 Mild
  • $12 Jalapeño & PepperJack Cheese
*Summer Sausage may or may not be ready for pickup with your other fresh cuts.
You may have to come back for your summer sausage.*

Venison Jerky

Whole muscle jerky.  Slow smoked.  Original recipe.  Still made by hand.

Venison whole muscle jerky made from your deer.
Full Batch Only | 5 lb Raw Meat | 55% avg shrink
  • Regular - Traditional Flavor. Good spice..
  • Peppered - Extra Spice & Black Pepper. Warm.
$45.00 per Batch
*Jerky may or may not be ready for pickup with your other fresh cuts.
You may have to come back for the jerky.*

Deer Bologna | 10 lb rolls only

Wildly popular venison bologna is cured, smoked, and ready to eat.  Great hot or cold.

Venison bologna made from your deer.
Old fashioned style bologna. Hickory smoked for 12-14 hours. Substantial amount of pork added. Among the favorites here. Great cold or fry it for a special treat.

$2.50 lb - Whole 10 lb roll
$3.50 lb - Sectioned 10 lb roll | We'll chunk it in 2'ish lb chunks and package for freezer storage
*Bologna will not be ready for pickup with your other fresh cuts.
You will have to come back for the bologna.

Tex Mex Deer Sticks

Made after all seasons are completed. 

Tex Mex Venison Sticks made from your deer.
Deer sticks are made after all hunting seasons are completed. We begin stick processing around late January/February. Please do not request sticks if you are unable to wait and pick them up after season ends.

Bold spicy flavor. Encased in a natural sheep casing for a nice snap when you bite.

Bulk Pack - $9 LB

Fresh Uncooked Uncured Specialty Deer Products

Breakfast Sausage

Deer breakfast sausage will be packaged in freezer paper for quantities under 10 lbs.

Fresh venison breakfast sausage made from your deer.
Fresh Deer Breakfast Sausage | $2.50 lb
Flavors available:
  • Mild
  • Hot
Add-Ins Available:
  • Add Pork - $3.00 lb
  • Add Beef Fat - $2.00 / head

Fresh Bratwurst

Venison Bratwurst Sausages are packaged in a freezer safe commercial poly bag.

Fresh venison bratwurst sausage made from your deer.
Our fresh deer bratwurst link sausages are full flavored. Encased in a natural hog casing. Packaged in a poly.
Pork added.

$3.00 lb - Original
$4.00 lb - Original Cheddar
$4.12 lb - Jalapeño Cheddar

Additional Information

Please pick up your order as quickly as possible. Freezer space is valuable real estate during this time of the year for a meat processor. Backlogs on pickups create problems for everyone behind you.

We WILL NOT hold your fresh meat until your specialty meats are ready.

Specialty products take longer to make. You will need to make an extra trip to pick them up.

You have a 5 day grace period to pick up your order after notification.

A storage charge will accrue thereafter.

We are processing livestock and meat for wholesale and retail in addition to the game processing service for hunters during this time. We ask that you respect our farmers and livestock while on our premise. Our property is under constant video surveillance and monitoring. Use ONLY DESIGNATED ENTRANCES to avoid engaging security alarms. 

Under NO circumstances are you permitted to field dress, skin, or cape on our property.

If you have special needs regarding your deer processing, please inquire before dropping off.

We are a participating processor in Hunters For The Hungry

Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry is a charitable volunteer run organization comprised of responsible hunters and conservationist who encourage hunters to harvest and donate deer each season. KHFH is a statewide hunger relief program dedicated to providing a healthy source of protein to needy Kentuckians....more information.